Kevin Costner Denie’s ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Drama End-shutdown

John Dutton (Costner).
Photo: Paramount

You may have heard that there is some drama going on with yellow stone, and we’re not just talking about all those bodies dumped at the train station. No, we’re talking about the behind-the-scenes drama of Taylor Sheridan’s series. It was reported earlier this month that Kevin Costner may be leaving the show after its sixth season, causing the Paramount Network hit to shut down entirely because Costner wants to give just one week of filming time to the final six episodes of the show. season five (the first batch finished airing on January 2). Now Camp Costner is responding. “The idea that Kevin was only willing to work one week in the second half of the fifth season of yellow stone It’s an outright lie,” said Costner litigator Marty Singer, disk. “It’s ridiculous, and anyone who suggests it shouldn’t be believed for a second. As anyone who knows anything about Kevin knows, he is incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone above and beyond to ensure its success.”

Puck reports that, from Costner’s perspective, filming on the fifth season was supposed to be completely finished by 2022, but Sheridan couldn’t deliver the scripts on time (because he was preoccupied with his many other projects). Meanwhile, Costner wants to focus on his next movie, horizon, a Civil War-era drama in which he is directing, co-writing, producing and starring; he plans to do a series of horizon films. The first was filmed last year but a release date is pending from Warner Bros. Despite this, Costner is already casting horizon 2 and he reportedly told Paramount that because of this, he’s busy from March to October of this year.

Costner and Sheridan didn’t get along, according to Puck, and the actor had already negotiated short shooting windows for seasons five A and season five B. He then contracted COVID-19 and was obviously unable to work but reportedly counted down his time off. disease towards its filming window: resulting in the yellow stone the cast and crew needed to get back together for shoots that were expensive for Paramount and annoying to some of their co-stars. Then where yellow stone and Costner are leaving here? Well, what would John Dutton do?

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