Starborne: Frontiers, Solid Clouds’ tactical sci-fi MMORPG, is officially released for Android and iOS End-shutdown

Solid Clouds has just announced the preview release of its tactical mobile MMO, Starborne: Frontiers, on Android and iOS, with a PC version releasing later this year. The game offers a mix of Gacha and strategy-based elements with a realistic art style that is not common in the genre.

Starborne: Frontiers is a sequel to Solid Clouds’ 2020 release, Starborne: Sovereign Space. Frontiers takes place in the same universe and will offer an immersive narrative experience that builds on all the intrigue and mystery of its predecessor.

The game is set 400 years in the future, where players will find themselves in an area of ​​the Starborne Universe that knows only chaos. There is no law of the land and mega corporations fight each other for wealth and control.

There are quite a few unique occurrences in this part of the universe, including XAOC’s ruthless Zealot Pirates and Everling’s immortal scientists. Everyone is trying to achieve something. Players must create a fleet that is powerful to take on all of them as they climb up the intergalactic chain to the top of the galaxy.

In addition to an exciting story, Starborne: Frontiers also includes PvP and cooperative gameplay. Players can fight against others in the arena or join forces with their friends and take on alliance challenges. For those who want a break from linear progression, there are also rewards that grant rare gear for completing them.

Speaking about the preview release, Stefan Gunnarson, CEO of Solid Clouds, said: “The pre-release of the game is a huge milestone for Solid Clouds and the development team who have worked hard to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. The game is available on the app stores and we look forward to receiving feedback from players. We are getting closer to the final version of the game with constant improvements as we fine tune it and develop it further.”

Download Starborne: Frontiers now for free by clicking on the link of your choice below.

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